Top 5 Birthday Party Themes

Top 5 Birthday Party Themes

When looking at what is going to be the trending themes of the year I like to look at movie release dates! Even if kids haven’t seen the movie they are inundated by billboards, commercials, action figures, dolls, and retailers trying to push the merchandise.

There are some trends that just aren’t going away anytime soon and some that reoccur whenever a sequel comes out. With that, here are my predictions:

1. Unicorns & Rainbows

Organic Garland by The Balloon Guy, Photo by Remember Makers

Unicorns took off last year! It was a unicorn explosion. With retailers pushing anything unicorn it really caught on. Add to that Rainbows and you’ve got yourself a wonderful party theme.

I can’t tell you how many Unicorn-themed parties I did last year. It’s a wonderful theme and there are so many party decorations out there to coordinate with your theme.

Search Amazon or have a custom designed box sent right to your door. I love Wild Child’s party in a box. They do all the work for you after you enter some quick details and then you give your approval on what your designer selects.

If you like the huge Unicorn Sprinkler pictured above you can buy it from Target.

2. Superhero Party

Superhero Centerpieces by The Balloon Guy

Superheroes have lasting power. (See what I did there?) And this year shows no sign of stopping our ladies and gents in spandex from fighting their way into your child’s next birthday party!

Avengers comes out in April, X-Men in June, and Spiderman in July, so expect Superheroes to be a big theme this year.

3. Princess Party

Elsa & Anna by The Balloon Guy

Princesses are here to stay. I mean who doesn’t want to be a princess? Except they are usually locked away in a castle until their prince comes, but let’s forget about that for a moment.

There are so many ways to integrate Princesses into your child’s next birthday party. You can have live Princesses come to your party or find a local company that does hair and makeup for the kids and sometimes they will bring things to dress up like a princess.

If you have a smaller budget grab some princess balloons, plates, napkins, party favors, and a themed-cake.

4. Toy Story

In 1995, Toy Story was first released. Toy Story 4 comes out this year in June. This franchise has been around for almost twenty years and shows no signs of stopping.

There are so many fun costumes for the kids to dress up as their favorite Tor Story character. Here’s some inspiration from Catch My Party.

5. Pokemon

Custom Pokemon Cake by Cake Couture Love

Pokemon Detective Pikachu comes out in May and Pokemon really came back with a bang with the release of Pokemon Go.

Kids are always asking me to make them Pokeballs, Pikachu, Squirtle, and many more of their favorite Pokemon Characters.

One little girl at a birthday party I did brought me a stack of Pokemon books and asked me to make as many of them as I could. The books were around 800 pages each. I was tired after that party!

Check out these incredible cakes by Cake Couture Love I found on Pinterest.

Whatever theme you chose make it special for you and your little one. It can be as simple as a color scheme (pastels are super in) or as grand as you would like.

Happy Birthday! See you at the next party.

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