“He Delivered Exactly What I Wanted” – Review from Actress Abigail Spencer

“He Delivered Exactly What I Wanted” – Review from Actress Abigail Spencer

“he delivered exactly what i wanted”

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the balloon guy of it all

i am in atlanta. that’s right. i was SNOWPOCALYPSED in for the week and couldn’t get back to los angeles to see my two valentines. my lil guy and my big guy. i was trying to think of something to creative to surprise them both with… and i was thinking what is SUPER cheesy and awesome and something i’ve always wanted to but haven’t. um. so, singing telegrams. duh! my guys both love to sing. i wanted something unforgettable but also super cheese that he would never expect and something my little one would freak out over and never forget ever too. thanks to my friend kayla, she suggested the balloon guy.

it literally took one text conversation and he delivered exactly what i wanted. smoky, drunky clown renditions of “my guy” and donny hathaway’s “song for you” — and lots of grown up balloon action. and then he surprised my little guy in a suit and a bow tie and sang him the songs i sing to him “you are my sunshine” and lorde’s “royals’. it’s hard being away a lot. so i try and come up with surprising ways to let my loves know i’m with them. what better way then through balloon penguins and monkeys and swords. oh my! i HIGHLY recommend this guy. the balloon guy to be specific. he was spot on! funny. easy. affordable. and delivered all the way. i will definitely be calling upon him again. he totally made my valentine’s day, from far away.

-Abigail Spencer


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